The Different Views of the Blue Collar Worker

To be honest these two blogs are on the similar topic but they go about the blue collar in different ways. In the first one I am going to talk about is from This blog went about the five key terms about the blue collar worker. The first term that I will talk about is how they can skip student loans, and how blue collar workers do not need to go to college to get good wages. In contrast to this blog talked about how the workforce is hard for people to get into if they do not have a college degree. Even if you are a blue collar worker they might look into someone with a college degree more even if they are less skilled than the person with no degree.

“Blue collar workers are in high demand” this come from I personally think is very true because most people do not want to work the hard physical labor job of the blue collar worker. But like I had said earlier the blog in pongoresume says that the jobless rate for Americans that do not have a college degree doubles. Does this necessarily mean that the skilled worker will not get a job? No, I do not believe that but it might give the blue collar worker a sense of false hope in finding a job, but in all reality I personally think they will always have a job there waiting for them.

One key part that laborfinders brought up that pongoresumes had nothing to relate to was that blue collar workers do not need gyms. This was something that I found to be really interesting but very true. I have worked a blue collar job my whole working career as an electrician, and you are really working with physical labor. There are nights that you go home sorer after work than compared to night in the gym. It is self-satisfying because you go home knowing that you were productive.

Laborfinders claims that blue collar workers are less stressed at work. This is something that I believe because you are normally off working and making visual progress that makes your day go by faster. But here in the pongoresumes goes onto say that you might not find a job if you don’t go to college, (add stress to that of the person who did not go to college) and I find this to be something to add more stress to your life. I know from experience from already being in college for four years.

After looking at these blogs closer it is really interesting to see how many differences these two have in each other. After all they are both about the blue collar worker, but in the end they come from two different authors that have different views on that of the blue collar worker. This does not necessarily make one of them more right or wrong. It just gives you two insights on highly talked about topic, that really taps into your thinking and gives you different views on that of the blue collar worker.

The Different Views of the Blue Collar Worker

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